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Golf and Selling Real Estate

Golf and Selling Real Estate

By In Blog, News On March 15, 2016

Golf and selling Real Estate

Most people would find it difficult to find comparisons between golf and real estate but when you break down to the fundamentals of each, and look at the leaders in each field, there is one characteristic that stands tall; Strategy. The ability to see the result then plan and execute it.

For a golfer, it’s standing at the tee knowing where the green is and where they want to play their second shot from. It is setting a target, not just “Hit and Hope” that it ends up somewhere in the fairway. Selling property is no different. It is having an all-encompassing plan to achieve the highest price for the vendor from marketing to presentation and price.
Since the existence of golf and selling property, the target result in both has not changed. Both are still working towards their respective results. But what has changed? Technology, tools and knowledge. Golfers are no longer swinging with hickory clubs and agents are no longer bound to just a signboard and telephone. The top agents continue to move with the times to achieve the best results.
Everyone has access to the same technology and tools in both golf and real estate. So what separates the best from the pack? To keep it simplified; strategy, experience and knowledge. No detail in the selling process can be overlooked, from photography to the process. It is the process where I see the big selling difference for an agent. Having a clear cut strategy of how you are going to get the best result is what separates you from your competition and it is born from knowledge and experience.

As we move into this “age of disruption”, strategy will be the key player in the process. Simply putting a price on the property or the word “Auction” and waiting to see what happens is not a strategy nor does it add value to you as an agent. It is the equivalent of a golfer on the tee taking the “Hit and Hope” strategy. The vendor now has access to the same tools. They too can simply put a price on their property and see what happens. Like a golfer with a “Hit and Hope” strategy, occasionally they too will hit the perfect shot. But over 18 holes this plan will not hold up.
Whether you sell via auction or private treaty, if you don’t have a plan of how you will engage the buyers and a strategy for negotiation, over a career you will fall short of your potential. The top agents have a strategy, tried and tested, continually modified to suit the market. Sell the plan to the vendor so that there is no option but to use you.

For the potential seller; do you want the Jordan Speith of real estate working for you? Someone who continually perfects their craft, with practice, experience, knowledge and a clear cut plan to achieve the result? The person who dedicates themselves to their profession and only focuses on list, sell, negotiate and keep deals together? Or do you want their tools so you can “Hit and Hope” to see how you go?
I’ll take Speith every day of the week.

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