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Hammer Talk – Understanding Results

It’s the words heard from sellers at many listing presentations, “down the road sold for $X and my home is better so mine must be worth more.” Managing expectations plays as much of a key role to going from Listed[...]

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Hammer Talk – Onsite Vs In-room auctions

With the Easter break upon us and auction numbers significantly reduced for this upcoming Saturday it is the perfect time to compare the benefits of onsite auctions Vs in-room auctions. Onsite is the mainstream way of conducting auctions. Each Saturday[...]

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Hammer Talk – Get the opening bid with ease

The hard work has been done through the campaign, you have delivered multiple buyers all ready to purchase, they have registered and you can hear the nervous butterflies in their stomach. The auctioneer calls for an opening bid and then[...]

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Hammer Talk – Get more buyers to your auctions

Our clients hear it all the time from buyers, “we don’t want to buy at auction”. Most agents will just move on and say, “we will find you something else”. It’s the high quality agents that are prepared to do[...]

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Hammer Talk – Best time of day to auction

It’s the question we get every time our clients want to book an auction. “What is the best time to auction the property?” At Axford Auctions we always held the opinion that first up in the morning or last in[...]

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