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About Axford Auctions

We have a firm belief in showcasing the success of agents to the entire public, not just the result. Auction provides that environment exposing the entire process of how hard we work to achieve the result. By showcasing our skills to the market we share the journey of how we achieve superior results. The result is only one part, it’s the story that is important..

We work in sync with agents to cover every facet of the auction process through training and development, by being a soundboard throughout the campaign and it all manifests on auction day.

Calling auctions is where our ability as auctioneers comes to the fore. The ability to engage with the bidders and the crowd as well as the agent culminates in a superior result. Auction day leads to success, and success breeds success.

Calling auctions is our only calling


As a professional auctioneer I aim to:

  1. Gain an intimate knowledge of the property.
  2. Understand the current market.
  3. Stay abreast of real estate legislation.
  4. Create a positive atmosphere, interest and excitement with any auction crowd.
  5. Build rapport with buyers, create enthusiastic bidding.
  6. Make people feel comfortable with their decision to purchase
  1. To work in unison with the agent, ensuring we know each others signals.
  2. Keep the crowd entertained while agents negotiate with key buyers.
  3. Maintain complete control over the auction environment.
  4. Remain hungry to get that extra dollar for the vendor, each and every time.
  5. Help sellers achieve a better return than they had ever hoped for.

My interest and enthusiasm for auctioneering came from a background in commercial and industrial sales and leasing. This was my core area of expertise at the start of my career, and, today, I continue to hold the gavel on behalf of many commercial real estate brands both within Sydney City right out to Parramatta and on Sydney’s Upper North Shore.

Starting out in the commercial and industrial space enabled me to develop a highly professional auctioneering style alongside the ability to work an auction crowd both onsite or in-room.

Maintaining a sharp mind and polished script has gained me a high level of recognition, with real estate peers across Sydney, as a highly engaging residential auctioneer.

As an agent, the key to our joint success will be working together to engage the crowd, enhance the atmosphere, and read the behaviour of prospective buyers.

Speak with any of my existing residential real estate clients and you’ll be told that I have a welcoming demeanour and am a calming influence to not only them, but their vendors, and the resultant bidders in the crowd. And it’s been my ability to build momentum, engage in experienced negotiations, whilst maintaining control over the proceedings, that maintains our long standing relationships, including my clients continued confidence and trust in my skills.

I work with several commercial and residential real estate brands to teach their sales teams how to get the most out of an auction. Principals commended me for creating a positive change in both attitude and auction performance with their staff and their auction results. And, as a full time auctioneer, I’m always available to the sales team, and their clients, for advice and assistance throughout the property marketing campaign.

It’s rewarding to help up-and-coming sales agents, too. I enjoy teaching young agents how to come prepared on the day, so that we can work in unison as sales agent and auctioneer, to achieve the highest dollar figure for the vendor.

I teach agents how to understand the current market conditions, and help them remain well versed in real estate auction law. Working together is about ensuring, on the day, that everyone rises to the occasion, and we make it an occasion to be proud of!

Specialisms include: Commercial Real Estate Auctions | Residential Real Estate Auctions | across Sydney | Hornsby | Asquith | Waitara | Wahroonga | Normanhurst | Thornleigh | Westleigh | Pennant Hills | West Pennant Hills | Cherrybrook | Cheltenham | Carlingford | Epping | Macquarie Park | North Ryde | Ryde | West Pymble | Turramurra | North Rocks | Northmead | Parramatta | Merrylands | Blacktown | Newcastle | Norwest – Bellavista.